• Free Valentine Cards
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    Make your own personalized Valentine Cards

    Valentine’s Day is a day when we think a little extra about everyone we love. As expats, this means that it is one of those days that we have to miss our family and friends just that little bit extra. Because I have experienced this feeling repeatedly in recent years, I started thinking about what made me happy in these situations. Often, it was a simple WhatsApp message on which I received a sweet message back, which gave me the necessary energy to continue enjoying our adventure.   So I will help you with something even better than just a message. I made a Valentine card that you can personalize…

  • Calendars 2022 overview

    Free printable Calendar 2022

    We wish everyone all the best for 2022! Let’s work on great goals and enjoy each other and the simple things in life. We use this new start of the year to look back at our goals and adjust them where necessary. We have clearly written down where we see ourselves in the coming years and work towards those goals. These past months back in our home country have made us realize even more how important these goals are to us. We already miss the life and freedom that we experienced as expats, and there is so much more than just hard work and busy life. We, therefore, try to find…