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    Moving to the Netherlands is easy with this helpful Guide

    Moving abroad isn’t easy. There are so many things to arrange and think about. The rules are different in almost every country, and you have to be very patient. This is no different in the Netherlands. What you need to arrange for moving to the Netherlands depends on your nationality, where you were born, whether you come alone or with…

  • useful apps for expats in The Netherlands
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    Useful apps for Expats in the Netherlands

    If you’ve just moved to the Netherlands and your bags are unpacked, it’s time to get to know your new country a little better. But before we set off, it is helpful to start this new adventure well prepared, and these handy apps on your phone will undoubtedly help you with this. So check out these useful apps for expats…

  • Free Valentine Cards
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    Make your own personalized Valentine Cards

    Valentine’s Day is a day when we think a little extra about everyone we love. As expats, this means that it is one of those days that we have to miss our family and friends just that little bit extra. Because I have experienced this feeling repeatedly in recent years, I started thinking about what made me happy in these…

  • Calendars 2022 overview

    Free printable Calendar 2022

    We wish everyone all the best for 2022! Let’s work on great goals and enjoy each other and the simple things in life. We use this new start of the year to look back at our goals and adjust them where necessary. We have clearly written down where we see ourselves in the coming years and work towards those goals. These…

  • sinterklaas sweetness
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    How to celebrate Sinterklaas

    Sinterklaas is a famous annual festival celebrated in the Netherlands on December 5. The Sinterklaas season starts in mid-November with the arrival of Sinterklaas on the first Saturday after November 11 (Sint Maarten), followed by a period of putting a shoe in front of the fireplace until the party itself. When we talk about Dutch culture and specific things that…

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    Moving back home after 4 years in Taiwan!

    After four great years as an expat family in Taiwan, it was time to move back to our home country, the Netherlands. The kids will be graduating in the Netherlands in the coming years and will find their way in life. Bert and I will work hard to make our dreams come true and retire early to travel the world together. That…

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    Xie Xie Ni Taiwan

    Our last week in Taiwan has arrived. The last week of an incredible four year adventure in which we have learned and grown so much. Four years in which we have learned about Taiwan and the culture that comes with this country. Four years in which we have had to deal with emotions that we never experienced before. But also…