I often hear and see how difficult it is for expats to move to yet another country. Those first months after relocation are tough and ask a lot of us. Adjusting to all the things that are again so different from what you were used to isn’t easy.


Step by step, we get used to this new situation and know that everything will get better over time. What always helps us enormously to let go of everything for a while and gain new energy is going out. Just enjoy nature and let your thoughts run free.

Teenagers going outdoors

Discovering your new country of residence helps you to adapt and better understand the new culture you have entered. But I know from experience that planning these trips also takes time. That’s why I help you on this website by sharing our travels with you and providing you with the necessary information. That saves time and energy that you can now put into other things.


Another thing that we all struggle with is Teenagers and their digital devices. Mobile phones, playing computer games, and social media are okay for a while but not for hours. We try to find a good balance in this by taking them outdoors. 

Off their screens - Off their phones - Out in nature.

We plan to go outside one day every other weekend for a hike or let them choose an activity or location they would like to visit. By involving them in this, they generally go along happily with us. They can try different activities or learn something new. Who knows, maybe your kids will discover a hobby that they love and are good at.


During these outings, they often forget their electronic devices, and when they go to bed, there is always a ‘thank you for the nice day, mom.’

family outdoor activity

We hope to encourage you all and do the same. Even in your immediate vicinity, there are often many places to enjoy nature.


Prioritize and schedule it. We all have many priorities but make getting outside with your family a priority and put it on the calendar! You won’t regret this.