Free printable Calendar 2022

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We wish everyone all the best for 2022! Let’s work on great goals and enjoy each other and the simple things in life.

We use this new start of the year to look back at our goals and adjust them where necessary. We have clearly written down where we see ourselves in the coming years and work towards those goals.

These past months back in our home country have made us realize even more how important these goals are to us. We already miss the life and freedom that we experienced as expats, and there is so much more than just hard work and busy life.

We, therefore, try to find a good balance between work and private life and go out as much as possible with our teenagers. We will maintain the bond that we developed as a family in Taiwan, which means doing many things together.

We hope to motivate you to do the same and discover the country you live in as much as possible. It’s so lovely to go out and enjoy each other and the small, simple things in life.

Printable Calendars

Every year I make a new design for a calendar to plan our trips, and holidays, and to fill in all our appointments. Also this year I will share these calendars with you to help you organize your busy family life a little bit. You can download them for free and print them out.

There is a yearly calendar in A5 format and a monthly calendar.  With this calendar, you can choose between a landscape or a portrait version. Choose what works best for you.

Yearly calendar 2022
Monthly portrait

I’ve also added the weekly calendar with a week overview and enough space to write down your appointments and details. I also provided space for a shopping list and a to-do list.

Start 2022 by downloading these free calendars and writing down all those appointments and holidays.

I have put the calendar on a clipboard for this year. You can order these via! So handy to be able to take it on your lap and update everything quickly.

Maybe also a lovely gift idea for that friend for whom you like to do something extra or just to make someone happy with something small. 

Who can’t use a beautiful calendar?

Calendar 2022 on Clipboard

So start those downloads, print everything out to write down all your trips and appointments, and start 2022 well organized.

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