• National Palace Museum Taipei

    National Palace Museum Taipei

    When you come to Taipei, you may visit Taipei 101 and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. But there is another great place to add to your list of places to visit in this city. The National Palace Museum is one of the world’s largest and finest Chinese artifacts museums, which is also one of the must-see attractions in Taipei. I will provide you with more information about this Museum and how to get there. This museum is further away from the city, so it takes a little more effort to easily travel there. But because we’ve all figured this out before, I’d like to share our information. National Palace Museum This museum has…

  • Utimate guide about expat life
    Expat Life

    The ultimate guide about expat life

    What is expat life about? What are the obstacles that I will encounter? How do I find new friends? Can I get used to the new culture? These are all questions that are part of life as an expat. All things that I wondered about and about which I now know the answers. And I’m going to share all of this with you.   Expat Life I can tell you that moving abroad isn’t easy, but it is the most wonderful thing we ever experienced in life. Along our journey, we experienced different emotions like missing family, loneliness, and anxiety. We had to deal with a totally different culture and…

  • Expat Loneliness
    Expat Life

    10 easy tips to fight Expat Loneliness

    Expat loneliness and missing family are the difficult things in life as an expat. Especially when you just arrived in your new country and don’t know a lot of people. Missing family is something we have to deal with as long as we want to live this expat life. But that feeling of loneliness will get better in time especially when your social life starts to grow. I’m sure these tips will help you to create a group of friends around you.   Expat Loneliness In the first months of our life as expats, we were busy unpacking and organizing our new home. The hubby and the children went to…

  • Taiwan

    Taroko National Park: Tips for visiting as a family.

    Taiwan has nine National Parks, and they are all unique in their own way. We visited a few of these parks in the meantime. Most of them are big and have many trails to hike and beautiful places to visit. For some mountainous areas, you need a permit where you have to apply for several days or weeks before you go. So be aware of this if you travel to Taiwan and plan to do some hikes in the National Parks. The park that we love the most is Taroko National Park. This park is a must-visit when you travel to Taiwan, and I’m willing to help you plan your…

  • Free printable planners for busy family life

    Free printable planner for busy family life

    We all know that family life is all about taking care of everyone and everything. The kids,  laundry, cleaning the house, groceries, and preparing meals. Good planning and a little support where possible definitely helps in this. That’s why I want to help you with sharing my free printable planner. I’m a perfectionist in everything I do but that also means that so often I forget important days like birthdays or anniversaries. It is not that I don’t care about these people, the only problem is that it is always at the end of the day when I sit down with my coffee and go over my day that I…