About us

We are a family of four from the Netherlands and love to travel and explore the world as a family. A few years ago, Bert got the possibility to work in Taiwan for two years. This changed our lives to a truly adventurous one. 

We are all born in the Netherlands! Within the Netherlands, we moved a few times for Bert’s work. In 2008 when Lotte was three years and Pepijn 18 months old, we moved to Belgium. 


Our first experience with moving to another country and all the changes that come with it. We have enjoyed living in Belgium for almost ten years and succeeded in creating a lovely ‘home.’


End of 2016, we got the opportunity to move to Taiwan with the whole family for an assignment of two years and decided to go for it. In April 2017, we got the final approval, and we started the relocation. The 13th of August 2017 was when we said goodbye to friends and family and started our new journey. 


This adventure has given us a lot of reactions from the people around us:

  • Are you going to do this with teenagers? Is this smart? 

  • You can’t just take them away from their trusted environment and from all their friends! 

  • I hope it will work for you, but you do have a backup plan, right?

We fully believed in this adventure ourselves and entered it with complete confidence. We are happy to share our experiences and challenging moments (yes, we had them too) with you to encourage more people to take this leap. It’s all so worth it and makes your family bond so much stronger.


Families that adventure together stay together!

Our Adventure Team!

I’m Bert and the reason that we can live abroad with our family. 


I’m working for a high-tech company and often out on the roads for a bike ride. We usually leave in the early mornings when the traffic is still relatively quiet and the temperature still low. I discover the roads of Taiwan mostly together with a nice group of riders. 


I like windsurfing but actually all water sports are my hobbies. 

Hello, I’m Angelique, and the author of most of the blogs on this website. 


I’m a graphic designer, photographer, travel planner, and expat mom. And I try to keep the house clean and do the laundry and grocery shopping. 


This Expat life made me grow as a person and gave me a different way of thinking. I love my life and my family and tell the kids to follow their dreams and to enjoy every single day.


Expat Mom Ourexpatlife
Expat teenager Lotte

Hi! my name is Lotte and I am 16 years old. 


I am currently a student at Hsinchu International School. I like debating and giving speeches as long as there not far too many people. Listening to music and watching Netflix shows is also something I like. 


Just like my dad, I go out on the water sometimes and show off my windsurfing skills. 


I enjoy being around my friends in Taiwan, but I have to say that social media is also my best friend. That’s a great way to keep in touch with all my friends in Belgium and the Netherlands. 


That basically describes me, on to my brother… 

Hello, my name is Pepijn and I am 14 years old. 


Just like my sister I am a student at Hsinchu International school. Soccer is my life and I play it as much as possible. My position on the pitch is goalie but I also like to play defense. 


I also like to play video games on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. 

I love to ride my bike no matter the weather. Before I became interested in soccer I also played tennis. 


So to describe me, I love to play sports and video games.

Expat teenager Pepijn

We all like traveling the world, exploring new countries, and learn from other cultures. 


We try to find the best way to combine relaxation, exploration, and family time. Because of Bert’s long working hours, it’s important to find some balance in this.


We absolutely love sharing our experiences in life with you on this blog and on Instagram and Facebook. 


You can always contact us via email or in the comment below for all your questions. Also, our children are willing to answer your questions about school and life as Expat kids.